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So you’re planning your wedding. You’ve done all of your research, narrowed down your vendors and so (not) patiently waiting for your big day!

As the much anticipated date approaches, many technical questions start to come up. What song will you be walking down the aisle to? What song will the wedding party walk down the aisle to and will the song be long enough? Who walks down the aisle first? Second? Who should say their speech first? How do you make sure everything goes smoothly on the day you spent all these months planning?

A day-of-coordinator is someone who takes the stress and worry off your shoulders on the day of your wedding. This is perfect for a couple that have their vendors booked and organized, but need help with set up/tear down, time management and an over all go-to person during their wedding day. This doesn’t just allow you to enjoy the best night of your life, but also allows your friends and family to be there for you and enjoy the time with you.

So, you decided to hire a coordinator, now what?

Here’s a quick check list to follow:

wedding planning

Seven to Five Months Prior to Wedding

  • Involve/hire a day-of-cordinator. This will allow enough time go over all the timelines, list of vendors and the schedule for the day.
  • Start organizing all the phone numbers/emails of your vendors in a spreadsheet, allowing everyone access to the information in an organized manner.
  • Put together a “wish list” of aspects you would like to see during the wedding festivities – special readings during the ceremony, special traditional/cultural events during reception, particular games/activities you would like to incorporate, dress/outfit changes, etc.


Month Prior to Wedding

  • Plan/schedule a wedding rehearsal, make sure your coordinator is present as they are the ones that will overlook the ceremony line up.
  • Tie up any lose ends and final details. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice, the coordinator is there to make your day go as smooth as possible!
  • Confirm timeline for the wedding day.


The Day Of

  • Leave the set up and timeline to the coordinator. Let them make any spontaneous decisions and trust that they have your best intentions.
  • The coordinator will work with all the vendors, ensure everyone is on time and present.
  • The coordinator will also be the one to organize the tear down, packaging and storage of decor at the end of the day.
  • All you need to do is enjoy your special day and spend your time with your family and friends! Let us take care of the rest!

Email us for rates and more information, let’s get started!


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